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MSME.ONLINE is an initiative of JPM Infotech Pvt. Ltd., in alignment with the ‘Make in India’ and ‘Digital India’ campaigns, launched by the Government of India. We are passionate about ‘Making India Digital’ and through MSME.ONLINE, we are providing road map and action plan for MSME (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises) units to grab the ‘Opportunity of Growth’ with both hands!

Through MSME.ONLINE, we are empowering the MSME units to do their business effectively and successfully with the help of latest technologies and contribute to Nation’s Growth by the contribution of JPM Team.

MSME.ONLINE is a great platform for Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses, Cottage Industries, Micro Entreprises, and all the Channel Partners from ‘Procurement to the Consumption’ like Manufacturers, Retailers, Dealers, & Distributers.

Welcome to the Future Where Success is Waiting for You…

How Can You Grow?

To help you grow, MSME.ONLINE provides 3 different services with different packages. You can choose any service and any package as per your requirements to maximize your business, profits, and ROI.

Brand Awarness

A brand gives a new meaning to your business name, logo, and slogans. With memorable and unique and brand, you can create brand awareness and a strength your position for long time in the market. Brand awareness is the evaluation of how healthy your brand is recognized in the target markets. Let’s take a quick look at our Brand Awareness Packages:

Local Awareness

₨. 1,000

  • Generate Business Awareness
  • Cover Local Market
  • Create Product Awareness
  • Reach Targeted Audience Easily

City Specific Awareness

₨. 3,000

  • Target Specific Cities
  • Create Brand Awareness
  • Get Exposure from Multiple Cities

Targeted Market Awareness

₨. 5,000

  • Target Audience Anywhere
  • No Physical Constraint
  • Targeted Market Awareness

Lead Generation

With the Lead Generation packages, you will get the genuine and targeted business leads, which can be easily converted into customers. Here are the features on offer:


  • Posting
  • Duration of Days
  • Creative Message/Headline
  • Banners
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Download Customer Data
  • Location Reach
  • Comments Response
  • Reports

₨. 5,000

  • 3 Posts
  • 15 Days
  • 1 Creative Message/Headline
  • 2 Banners
  • NA Dedicated Account Manager
  • NA Download Customer Data
  • Single City Location Reach
  • NA Comments Response
  • YES Reports

₨. 7,000

  • 5 Posts
  • 30 Days
  • 3 Creative Message/Headline
  • 3 Banners
  • NA Dedicated Account Manager
  • NA Download Customer Data
  • 2 City Location Reach
  • NA Comments Response
  • YES Reports

₨. 10,000

  • 10 Posts
  • 45 Days
  • 5 Creative Message/Headline
  • 6 Banners
  • YES Dedicated Account Manager
  • YES Download Customer Data
  • Multiple City Location Reach
  • YES Comments Response
  • YES Reports

Launching Package

With launching packages, we will help you launch your product, service, or brand in the targeted markets. Our packages will fulfill all your launching requirements. Here are the packages:

Product Launch

₨. 10,000

  • Systematic Product Launch
  • Online Product Launching
  • Online Product Promotions

Brand Launch

₨. 15,000

  • Professional Brand Launch
  • Online Promotions
  • You Get Loyal Customers

Market Launch

₨. 20,000

  • Reaching Targeted Customers
  • Easy to Search Products
  • Easy Conversion of Customers

Online Assistance

Under Online Assistance Packages, we help people who don’t have their online presence by providing website creation services. Mainly there are three types of packages:

Single Page Website

₨. 5,000

  • Fulfils All Small Business Requirements
  • Professional Single-Page Website
  • Affordable Online Presence

Dynamic Website

₨. 30,000

  • Get Full Service Packages
  • Get the Best CMS
  • Update Your Website Easily

E-Commerce Store

₨. 1,00,000

  • Run Your Business 24 X 7
  • Lesser Advertising Cost
  • Operate Business from Anywhere